Finding the Ideal Budget Television

If you are in the market for a new television but do not have the cash to purchase something expensive you will most likely have to settle for a budget television. While these will get the basic entertainment for your television watching pleasure you will not get something too large but these televisions are ideal for your children’s room, guest room or even in your bedroom.

You will find that almost all new televisions are generally using the LCD technology or plasma technology; even a smaller LCD television will come quite cheap in today’s age. One benefit of this technology change is that the LCD television is much smaller so it makes the room look tidy and clean. Generally when shopping for a budget television you will almost always find that the brands that come at a budget are cheaper brands or best value brands. While you probably won’t find a Sony television at a budget price you can still find an LG television or Samsung television at a decent price and in my opinion these two brands are fairly good.

When shopping around you will find that you can get a good LCD television up to around 22″ in the price range for around £200 and sometimes cheaper than this. Although you could settle for an LCD television which is a bit smaller in size for the same price but you will get more features with the television. One thing to keep in mind when purchasing a budget television is the warranty that comes with your set. While more than likely you will find with name brands like LG, Samsung and other various brands that offer budget televisions they will come with at least a 2-3 year warranty you should be aware when purchasing your television how long the warranty is. Some stores will also give you the chance to purchase an extended warranty with the retail store or online store which will replace or repair your set in the case of a malfunction.

Another great use for these budget televisions is if you have young children or yourself who enjoy playing console games like the Xbox 360, PS3 or Wii, these LCD televisions while generally smaller in size offer a great picture to play games on. You will also feel satisfied that you did not have to spend a fortune on an additional television set for your home.

As well as many Televisions some people use their computer monitors not only for with their computers but also games machines and Blu-Ray players.


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